Feb 23

Happy National Aviation Day Canada!

Silver Dart

Silver Dart

February 23 marks National Aviation Day in Canada. On  2009, the Minister of Transport declared February 23rd as Canada’s aviation day which commemorates the day Canada’s first powered flight occurred, which was February 23, 1909. On that day, the Silver Dart took off from the ice on Baddeck Bay in Baddeck, Nova Scotia and flew about 800 metres (half of a mile), at an altitude of 3 to 9 metres (10 to 30 feet) and at 65 km/h (40 mph).  The Silver Dart was made of wood, steel tube, wire and friction tape and the wings were covered in Japanese silk.

On National Aviation Day, Transport Canada recognizes individuals or organizations that have made contributions to aviation safety by awarding them with the Transport Canada Aviation Safety Award.